Just stop for a moment…

How taking a break can boost your creativity!

So, last weekend it was my partner’s birthday and I arranged a surprise for her. A 1-night stay at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool. Somewhere we had both wanted to stay for a few years. She had absolutely no idea, until we practically turned into the car park (suitcase packed unknowingly in the boot of the car). After checking in with huge smiles on our faces, we got a taxi to the Albert Docks and proceeded to eat and drink merrily at Gusto’s before doing a little bit of shopping and returning to the hotel quite tipsy!


Getting to the point though… Things have been quite (extremely) hectic for us over the last year. What with losing Gran, moving house, renovating a house, changing jobs, having PCOS, and an appendectomy, Katie’s Ulcerative Colitis and flare ups, her promotion and busy work life… etc. etc. So we were in desperate need for a break, despite counting down to our weeks stay-cation at the end of August.


Taking just 24 hours to concentrate on ourselves and each other was like pressing a re-set button. For Katie, she managed to stop thinking about work for a few hours, and you could see a weight lifted in her eyes. For me, it was a nice treat after spending time in Doctors waiting rooms, a hospital bed, and being trapped in the house recovering. For us, it did the world of good and I think we reminded ourselves that there is so much more to life than work and daily chores. We also remembered how much we love this city.


Everything about our afternoon in Liverpool was perfect! The sun was shining, the food was delicious and we indulged far too much, stretching our bellies to capacity, shopping and spending more money than was necessary…

I bought a small A6 journal and fountain pen from Paperchase so I have a notebook to design and write new crochet patterns in – this is working out very well so far, and it’s so small I can put it in whichever handbag/project bag I have with me. It’s so annoying when you get an idea that’s so good you don’t want to forget it but have nowhere to write it down. And in some ways, I’m an old-fashioned technophobe and prefer to write things down rather than key them into my phone.


I was so shocked by how organising just one night away as a surprise for Katie’s birthday benefited us both so much. The afternoon we got home, we were both so exhausted and (a little bit) hungover. [Blame Stanley’s Rum Bar] But the next day my mind was refreshed and I had so many pattern ideas. I finished two dish cloths (click here for free pattern) and worked on my Virus Shawl which is now finally complete, and blocking as we speak… (or read) And I also made some progress on my tapestry horse blanket. I am so motivated to carry on doing what I want to do, and there’s been so much support online. I can’t thank you all enough.


Finally, I’m going to talk about Imposter Syndrome which Emma Houghton talks about in her most recent blog post over at Blue Ammonite Designs. Imposter Syndrome, as Emma tells us, is how you feel no ‘right’ to do what you do because you may not be as experienced as you think you should be. I can really relate to this, and it got me thinking. Making the decision to follow your dreams (cheesy I know) is daunting and I find it slightly embarrassing to put my work out there for fear what people will think. Not only am I young (23… is that young?) but I also don’t even have 5 years under my belt in terms of crochet experience.  I feel as though I am throwing ideas into a vast pool of knowledge where there is always going to be someone who has done it already, and most certainly better than me. But on the other having read the advice of many successful people, a lot stick to the term ‘fake it till you make it’ so perhaps everyone feels like an imposter when they first start out. I just feel that if I don’t give it a go – I’ll never know if I could have done it, and I’d never know how far I can take it. I don’t want to deny myself the chance to succeed. So I’m going to carry on no matter how ridiculous I feel, or how scary it is. I’m writing my own path, and hopefully it’s going to lead somewhere beautiful one day.

Enough of the spiritual revelations! Hahaa…

I’ll be publishing another free crochet pattern in the next week so watch this space…

Love Charlie, Xx



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