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Free Autumnal Crochet Patterns

This is really part two of the blog post I posted yesterday. I wanted to combine Halloween and Autumn patterns, but there are so many wonderful patterns out there that I had to split it in two.

10 Free Autumn Crochet

Here are my favourite free Fall crochet patterns that I have found. I wish I could make them all… but it’ my own fault, I have too many WIPs already. I’m preparing for a co-hosted finish-along so I really shouldn’t be starting anything new. So I have to enable you instead! 😉

I love the look of all crocheted garlands, but I think that crocheted acorns are adorable. When I see crocheted garlands I wish we had a fireplace so I could make some for each season and hang it up…

Acorn Wreath by Kate Eastwood


Lucy at Attic 24 seems to have a knack for designing perfect autumn patterns, taking inspiration from nature and using shapes and colours to influence her designs. I have shared three of her patterns as I love how easy her patterns are to read, and how accessible they are. I have already started the Woodland blanket earlier in the year, but it is taking it’s place on the back burner whilst I focus on getting through a few other WIPs. (I told you I’m out of control)

Woodland Blanket by Lucy at Attic24


Autumn Garland by Lucy at Attic 24


Autumn Wreath by Lucy at Attic 24


Here are couple of Autumnal blanket patterns. I love how unique the stitches are in both of these patterns, and I love how warm and homely these colours are.

Autumnal Throw by Amy Gunderson


Autumn Fields Throw by Roseanna Beck


I know I already shared Lucy’s Autumn Wreath, but this one is a lot simpler if you prefer a pared down look. And of course I absolutely LOVE the burgundy bow at the top!

Autumn Morning Wreath by Ashleigh Kiser at Sewrella


I made this cardigan by Alexandra Tavel last year, and I love how snuggly it is. It is literally a blanket that you wear! Perfect for curling up watching movies while it’s raining outside.

Movie Night Cocoon Cardi by Alexandra Tavel at Two of Wands


Here is another pattern by Alexandra Tavel, which has been in my Library on Ravelry for a fair few years now. I should really make this one as I drool over it everytime I see it. I love that it is such a fashion statement and the size of it means that it’s sure to keep you warm.

Coffee Shop Wrap by Alexandra Tavel at Two of Wands


Once again, here’s another shawl that has been in my Library for a long time. I saw this shawl at Yarndale too, and it looks even nicer in person. I think this is going to have to go on my WIP list for next year.

Secret Paths Shawl by Johanna Lindahl


Disclosure: I do not own any of the photos in this blog post, nor do I claim to. All designers are credited. I just wanted to show you some of the patterns I’ve made, or had my eye on for a while.  Crochet designers put in a lot of work to release patterns for free and I am extremely grateful. Please click on the links in this post to show these designers some love.

Love Charlie, Xx


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